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  InterOffice - business management software
InterOffice -business management and office automation software. This software was created after long analysis of common client needs and can solve many common business tasks, so we think that any solution based on our software satisfies your clients as well. The main advantages of our product are: multi-user, rapid client satisfactory, custom report creation etc...

Developed for Windows 95/98/NT. Writing and handling invoices, orders, price list generation, stock handling (the rests on stock can be received on any date), supporting non limited number of stocks and companies, client balance and statistics, a number of reports. It's network version (up to 300 clients in theory, really tested on 10 computers network). All users can work simultaneously and see all latest modifications on stock ("real stock") and order/invoice register. In InterOffice you can easy prepare custom report an use it. For this purpose we developed special component InterReport (based on QuickReport which shipped with Delphi) which can produce report forms in run-time using Delphi-like object inspector. So you do not need to rewrite base application. Soon we apply this technology to Form object (so you can design and plug-in custom forms to any application) You can make call to client directly from our software or send e-mail (MAPI enabled), brows client WWW, print invoice or send it via any fax software. Also InterOffice have administrative tools where you can enable or disable special rights for users. So you can disallow certain user to achieve some financial reports etc. Now InterOffice have Ukrainian Interface. But we can rewrite it in English or in Russian or in any language. We currently do not place this product to our WEB page. Installation package (by InstallShield) includes 4 disks (1.44MB). If you need any additional information or want to receive installation package please inform us we can send it by e-mail.
  Functional Diagram
InterOffice v5.17
(Ukrainian interface)  

InterOffice v5.21
(Ukrainian interface)

InterOffice v5.17 On-Line

InterOffice  v5.17




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