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  WEB-design studio
We are ready to make any WEB-design work for you...

  • conceptual design and development of WEB projects
  • site support
  • corporate style development
  • creating of Content Management systems for portals
  • software, database and search systems development
  • Java-script, VB-script, CGI-bin scenarios writing
  • consulting services
The price for project can be determined in process of negotiations with customers after the clarification of next items:
  • detailed technical project description
  • determining of technological level of project
  • terms
  • the prospect for further collaboration with the customer
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We are using up-to-date achievements in information technologies. Depending on tasks we are choosing optimal solutions to satisfy all our customers needs

Client side - HTML, XML, WML (WAP technology), JavaScript, VB Script 
Server side (programming languages) - Perl, ASP, PHP, Java, Borland Delphi
Server side (databases) - MS SQL Server, MySQL
Platforms (OS) - Windows NT/2000 
Platforms (Web servers) - Microsoft IIS

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You can take a look on some our projects here...

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