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InterDesign Package Library:

InterDesign Package Library

TISInspectGrid - like Borland Inspector it allows view/modify component properies in run-time

TISRegistry - component for working with Windows Registry. Allows to read and write registry information.


InterDB Package Library:

InterDB Package Library

Database Components Group

TInspectDBGrid - component displays current Record of Dataset in a inspector-like grid.
Along with simple edit style it have built-in inplace editors for:
- look-up fields (multikey look-up supported)
- date or datetime fields (drop-down month calendar)
- boolean fields (drop-down list of TField.DisplayValues or True/False)
- memo & formatted memo fields (pop-up tool forms with simple text editors on TDBMemo or TDBRichEdit basis)
- graphic fields (pop-up tool form to view/load images)
- ShowHint property turns on/off hints for long text in label columns and long or multiline text in value columns
- ImageList property - is a list of bitmaps that can be displayed to the left of any row label in the grid
- It has InspectRows collection any item of one have 6 properties:
   - ButtonStyle (iesAuto, iesEllipsis, iesSimple)
   - DataField (data field name)
   - DataSource (DataSource for DataField, so rows can be displayed from different sources)
   - ImageIndex
   - PasswordChar
   - ReadOnly (to disable editing for row)
- For each row (usually string type) you can assign "password char".
- It automaticaly enters in Edit or Insert state on row modify in corresponding dataset.
- Modified rows displays their field labels with bold.
- You can use Ctrl-Enter to post changes except rows with ellipsis button
- For rows with ellipsis button use Ctrl-Enter to generate OnButtonClick event and Shift-Enter to post changes
- You can assign a OnButtonClick event to catch the ellipsis button clicks of row with ButtonStyle=iesEllipsis
- In run-time you can drag and drop the rows to change their vertical positions.
- It saves row layout to registry before destroying and restore saved layout after component properties were loaded.

TISDBGrid - advanced DBGrid control. Sorts data in grid when clicking at column header. Allows to filter data by applying some criteria for any field in grid, modify columns layout, data export/copy to clipboard, look-up by multikey fields, tree-like lookups.

TDBTreeView - this component allows to display/edit database like tree and have a lot of usefull properties, methods and events.

TSmartTree - this component allows to display database like tree with smart (incremental) data loading.

TSmartDataTree - TSmartTree with editing capabilities.

TDomenSmartTree - TSmartTree with fastest loading procedure.

TTreeBox - drop-down database tree view.


Database Editing/Searching Components Group

TDBPicker- TDateTimePicker descendant which allow read and write data to date/time fields in database using calendar control.

TDBSearchEdit - using this component you can search/locate for any data in dataset

TDBSearchComboBox - using this component you can search/locate for any data in dataset by typing keyword or select from list

TDBFindBox - using this component you can search/locate rows for text patterns in dataset field, founded rows displayed in drop-down list, click on item in drop-down will locate cursor 


Database Filtering Components Group

This component group allows you to apply and remove any filters to TDataSet. All of this components can work together with one dataset and change it Filter property of dataset.

TDBPickFilter - applies filter to dataset fields with date/time format using calendar control. So you can easy filter some data by date criteria or using two components with the same dataset you can apply filter data by some period.

TDBFilterCheckBox - allows to filter dataset by boolean field (true, false or nil value)

TDBFilterSpin - TSpinEdit descendant which can filter dataset on integer type field.

TDBFilterEdit - TEdit descendant which can filter dataset on own text value.

TDBFilterComboBox - TDBCombobox descendant which can filter dataset using dropdown combobox.

Components Modifying Query or Stored Procedure Parameters Values Group

This component group allows you to set or clear dataset parameters values

TDBParamBox - allows set parameter value from drop-down look-up list 

TDBParamPicker - allows set date-time parameter value from drop-down calendar control

TDBSmartParamBox - enhansed TDBParamBox


InterServices Package Library:

InterServices Package Library

TComm32 - controlling COM ports under Windows.

TCashProtocol - communication protocol to work with cashdesk devices.

TNamedPipe - communicate by Named Pipes.

TMailSlot - communicate by MailSlots.


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